35 years


The RAF1500 and RAF3000 Models are based on advanced components that have been tested in use for durability and quality. They can cover almost every processing product, while their main structure is based on the innovative and versatile head from AISI 304

Model RAF1500: CAPACITY of 1500 - 2000 kilograms per hour
Model RAF3000: CAPACITY up to 3000 kilograms per hour


The machine has the ability to remove pits and skin from product flesh.
After inserting the product from the upper inlet, the processing continues with the help of a centrifugal shaft, that operates with the rotation of three brushes or plastic teflon blades in the stationary perforated drum and crushes the product

  • use of plastic brushes in case of product with pits
  • use of plastic teflon blades in case of pitted product
  • perforated drum option
  • use of inverter with adjustable centrifugal shaft rpm (optional)

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